Release Notes

Changes in 2.8.0

  • Side menu redesign with user quota

  • New icons to download/set available offline and new pins for syncing/downloaded/av. offline files

  • New sort descending option

  • Redesign public sharing options for folders

  • OAuth2 chrome custom tabs

  • One panel for tablets in landscape

Changes in 2.7.0


  • Fingerprint lock

  • Pattern lock

  • Upload picture directly from camera

  • GIF support

  • New features wizard


  • Display file size during upload

  • Hide always visible notification in Android 8

  • Animations when switching folders

Changes in 2.6.0


  • Camera uploads, replacing instant uploads (Android 5 or higher required)

  • Android 8 support

  • Notification channels (Android 8 required)

  • Private link (ownCloud X required)


  • Typos in some translations

Changes in 2.5.0


  • Added OAuth 2 support

  • Show file listing option (anonymous upload) when sharing a folder (requires ownCloud X)

Changes in 2.4.0


  • Video streaming

  • Multiple public links per file (requires ownCloud X)

Changes in 2.2.0


  • New navigation drawer, with avatar and account switch

  • New account manager, accessible from navigation drawer

  • Can set folders as Available Offline

Changes in 2.1.1


  • Select your camera folder to upload pictures or videos from any camera app

Changes in 2.1.0


  • Select and handle multiple files