Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Managed App Config

Starting with iOS 7, Apple added support for managed application configuration. An MDM server can push a configuration to the iOS App. The app can access the configuration using the NSUserDefaults class. The configuration is basically a key-value dictionary provided as a .plist file.

AppConfig XML Schema

The XML format, developed by AppConfig community, makes it easy for developers to define and deploy an app configuration. It not only supports configuration variables having default values, but also provides a configuration UI description, which can be interpreted by the tool and which generates a plist file. Moreover, specfile XML is consistently supported by major EMM vendors.

Example: Deployment with MobileIron

  1. Open AppConfig Generator.

  2. Upload a specfile.xml.

  3. Change the configuration options.

  4. Download the generated plist file (ManagedAppConfig).

  5. Open MobileIron Core.

  6. Navigate to Policies and Configs  Add New  Apple  iOS/tvOS  Managed App Config

  7. Upload the generated plist and specify name, bundle ID, and description