Enabling Background Instant Upload Requires the ownCloud Client to Have Access to Location Services

In order to check for new images to be uploaded, the ownCloud iOS application uses location services to wake the application in background. If new images are ready to be uploaded, they are then uploaded.

The iOS App don’t send location information to any server.

Files Marked available offline Aren’t Available Offline After Editing

Currently, there is a limitation in the Available Offline` feature in the iOS client application. A file is editable offline. However, after the first edit, if the file is closed it goes into a ready to be synced` state. When this happens, until it is synced, only the old version will be available. The reason why is that each change is, internally, queued separately for syncing with the remote ownCloud server. And, these changes are not merged locally until the remote sync finishes. What’s more, if a file is edited multiple times, when it is eventually synced with the remote server, conflicts in the document may also occur.