Working on Documents in the ownCloud Appliance


Creating and editing documents in ownCloud can be achieved with either Collabora or OnlyOffice. It’s your choice which one you prefer to use.

This guide covers the setup and update of the two office apps.

Access with HTTPS using a domain name is required. Add the IP address and the domain name of your appliance to your /etc/hosts file, or have it added to your existing DNS server, if you don’t want to use the Appliance as your DNS server.


First you have to get to the Appcenter. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Connect to your appliance using IP address or domain name.
# or
  • Login into the management console

    • Click on the Domain and System settings

UCS Portal

  • Type in the Administrator as username and the password you set.

UCS Administrator Login

  • Now you can access the Appcenter".


From here on it’s your choice to install Collabora or OnlyOffice.

How to Install Collabora

  • Install Collabora in UCS.




Docker Container Info

  • Enable Collabora in ownCloud.

UCS User Interface

ownCloud App

Open the ownCloud App

Login in ownCloud

Username and Password are owncloud

ownCloud Settings

ownCloud Settings

ownCloud Apps

ownCloud Apps




Now you can use Collabora within ownCloud. Start by creating a new Document.

How to Install OnlyOffice

  • Search for "OnlyOffice" or select it from the application list in the Appcenter.

OnlyOffice App

  • Install OnlyOffice.

Installation of the OnlyOffice App


Docker Container Info

Final Confirmation

After the installation is complete, return to the Appcenter overview

Back to the overview

  • Install the ownCloud OnlyOffice connector App

    • Go to ownCloud

ownCloud App

Open the ownCloud App

Login in ownCloud

Username and Password are owncloud

  • Market

App drawer


  • Tools

Tools Category

  • Install OnlyOffice

Select OnlyOffice App

Install the OnlyOffice App

  • Go to the OnlyOffice settings inside ownCloud.

Settings drawer


General section

  • Enter the OnlyOffice server address in the following format and save it:


OnlyOffice configuration

  • Now you can create a new document by clicking on the Plus button.

Create new Document

The setup is finished

PDF documents can also be viewed in OnlyOffice



When a new App release is available you should update the Office App. Here are the required steps:

  • Select Software update

  • Check if an Update is available

  • Select on the App name

  • Upgrade the App