Frequently Asked Questions

I Cannot See New LDAP Accounts

Set up a new Cron job for your Apache user to run occ with the user:sync command regularly. To do so, use crontab to open the cron configuration editor.

# Replace `www-data` with the correct Apache user for your Linux distribution.
crontab -u www-data -e

Then, add the configuration below, save the changes, and exit the cron configuration editor.

*/6 * * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/owncloud/occ user:sync -n -m disable -r "OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy"

The command will now be executed every ten minutes.

I Want To Upgrade From The Community To Enterprise Version. What Is Required?

To make this migration, please contact For a comparison of the two editions, see

Warnings in Admin Settings

Why Do My Uploads Fail?

PHP may time out when uploading large files. This issue has been resolved with ownCloud 10.0.10. From this version onwards, the web interface also supports chunked uploads.

Why Am I Unable To Upgrade My Enterprise Apps Via The Marketplace?

Please log in to, navigate to "ownCloud Enterprise", then to your version and then to "Enterprise Apps". Here, you can download all enterprise Apps.

I’m The Admin And I Lost My Password! What Do I Do Now!

How Do I Transfer Files From One User To Another?

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