If you have encountered an issue, here is what customer support needs in order to provide a rapid resolution to your issue:

  1. The appliance’s log file located (/var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud/data/files/owncloud.log)

  2. A config report.

  3. The status of your docker containers.

  4. The status of your appliance.

  5. Docker log files.

Here is how to retrieve all of the information above:

# Generate a config report.
# Log in to the container with: univention-app shell owncloud
occ configreport:generate > config_report.json

# Obtain the status of your docker containers
docker ps > docker.txt

# Obtain the status of your appliance
univention-app info > univention.txt

# Obtain the Docker log files
docker logs <containerID or container name>
Restore a snapshot to get your appliance to a functional state again.