Apps Config.php Parameters


This document describes parameters for apps maintained by ownCloud that are not part of the core system. All keys are only valid if the corresponding app is installed and enabled. You must copy the keys needed to the active config.php file.

Multiple configuration files

ownCloud supports loading configuration parameters from multiple files. You can add arbitrary files ending with .config.php in the config/ directory.


You could place your email server configuration in email.config.php. This allows you to easily create and manage custom configurations, or to divide a large complex configuration file into a set of smaller files. These custom files are not overwritten by ownCloud, and the values in these files take precedence over config.php.

ownCloud may write configurations into config.php. These configurations may conflict with identical keys already set in additional config files. Be careful when using this capability!

App: Activity

Possible values: activity_expire_days days.

Define the retention for activities of the activity app.

Code Sample

'activity_expire_days' => 365,


Possible values: ldapIgnoreNamingRules doSet or false.

Possible values: user_ldap.enable_medial_search true or false.

Define parameters for the LDAP app.

Code Sample

'ldapIgnoreNamingRules' => false,
'user_ldap.enable_medial_search' => false,

App: Market

Possible values: appstoreurl URL.

Define the download URL for apps.

Code Sample

'appstoreurl' => '',

App: Firstrunwizard

Possible values: customclient_desktop URL.

Possible values: customclient_android URL.

Possible values: customclient_ios URL.

Configuring the download links for ownCloud clients, as seen in the first-run wizard and on Personal pages

Code Sample

'customclient_desktop' =>
'customclient_android' =>
'customclient_ios' =>

App: Richdocuments

Possible values: collabora_group string.

Define the group name for users allowed to use Collabora.

Code Sample

'collabora_group' => '',