ownCloud Community Appliance

ownCloud has a publicly developed community appliance on GitHub. Download the latest release from the Appliances tab on the ownCloud server installation page. The easiest way to get the VM up and running is by using VirtualBox and downloading the OVA image from the installation page.

Instructions for VirtualBox and OVA

Follow these steps to get the appliance working:

  1. Download the Virtual Machine image zip file and unpack it.
  2. Start VirtualBox and click on File ... > Import Appliance and import your new ownCloud image.
  3. Click the green Start arrow. After a minute you should see the console greeting message.
screenshot of Ubuntu console login for newly-created virtual machine
  1. Note the username and password here. It is a random password that we generate for you on first boot. If you log in at the console, you’ll be prompted to change the password. This is optional.
  2. With your Web browser try http://localhost:8888 or http://localhost:80 or the address printed on the console. One of them should work. If not, please review and adjust the network setup of Virtualbox to bridged mode.
  3. You should see a Web page with login credentials (if you haven’t changed them already) and a list of URLs to try to reach the ownCloud web service. Which one works, again depends on the network setup of your hypervisor.
screenshot of new virtual machine Web GUI with login credentials

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You should write down your admin password, and make sure the login credentials are no longer displayed. Click the [Hide Credentials] button. When using the ownCloud Proxy app, this Web page may be publicly visible.


Inside the VM, ownCloud runs with a default disk size of 40 GB and its own MySql database. The ownCloud admin user is also a valid account on the Ubuntu system that runs inside the VM. You can administer the VM via SSH.

For VMware

You can follow most of the steps above, however, after opening the VMX file, you will have to configure Bridged Network as Network Adapter

Software Appliances

There are a number of unofficial pre-made virtual machine-based appliances:

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