Yaws ConfigurationΒΆ

This should be in your yaws_server.conf. In the configuration file, the dir_listings = false is important and also the redirect from data/ to somewhere else, because files will be saved in this directory and it should not be accessible from the outside. A configuration file would look like this

<server owncloud.myserver.com/>
        port = 80
        listen =
        docroot = /var/www/owncloud/src
        allowed_scripts = php
        php_handler = <cgi, /usr/local/bin/php-cgi>
        errormod_404 = yaws_404_to_index_php
        access_log = false
        dir_listings = false
                /data == /

The Apache .htaccess that comes with ownCloud is configured to redirect requests to non-existent pages. To emulate that behaviour, you need a custom error handler for yaws. See this github gist for further instructions on how to create and compile that error handler.

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