What’s New for Admins in ownCloud 8

New Packaging

We are introducing a new packaging system. Instead of two editions, Community and Enterprise, we now offer Server to replace the old Community edition, and Enterprise Subscription replaces the old Enterprise Edition.

Server includes core file share and synchronization features plus community apps, and is community-supported and free of cost. See owncloud.org for current information and links to downloads.

ownCloud now offers two levels of paid support:

  • ownCloud Standard
  • ownCloud Enterprise

The ownCloud Standard Subscription is for customers who want paid support for the core Server, and do not need Enterprise apps. This includes:

  • ownCloud Server
  • ownCloud desktop and mobile apps (without the custom branding build service)
  • ownCloud open-source apps licensed as AGPL (Share Files, Federated Cloud, Versions, Deleted files, LDAP/AD, Antivirus, Encryption, External Storage. etc.), 8x5 support hours

Note: This does not include support for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Chat, Documents, or any other community-only apps, and it does not include support for Enterprise-only apps or services.

The ownCloud Enterprise Subscription provides paid support for the Enterprise Edition. This includes the core Server plus Enterprise apps. The Enterprise Subscription includes:

  • ownCloud Standard Subscription
  • ownCloud Enterprise apps (Logging modules, SAML, File Firewall, Sharepoint, Windows Network Drive, Home Directory Mounts, etc)
  • ownBrander for mobile app branding
  • ownCloud Commercial License for closed-source customizations
  • Up to 24x7 support
  • Deployment assistance for the rollout

New customers, or customers upgrading from the old Enterprise Edition will install ownCloud 8 from the existing owncloud-enterprise repository. The owncloud-server dependency will be pulled in automatically. Customers using the community edition will upgrade via package manager by adding the owncloud-enterprise repository, and installing ownCloud Enterprise Edition apps on top of their owncloud-server.

Visit owncloud.com for more information on the Enterprise Subscription.

No More PHP 5.3

PHP 5.3 is not supported in ownCloud 8, and PHP 5.4 is required.

Improved Admin and Settings UI

The ownCloud Admin and Settings pages have been streamlined and re-organized, and include a new sidebar for accessing configuration options more quickly.

Simplified App Management

Installing, upgrading, and removing apps is easier, and includes a new dependency feature to automatically resolve installation dependendencies.

New Updater Layout

The Updater app (Server only) is more intelligent, and detects errors before they happen and rolls the update back. Status and error messages are more informative.

More Powerful User Management

In addition to the existing filter and text string searchable user management, an entirely new set of features has been added to ownCloud. Admins can now edit email addresses for system users and send email notification to newly created system users.

LDAP Improvements, Including LDAP User Cleanup

ownCloud has significantly improved LDAP and AD performance, provided additional configuration options and expert modes, and added a new utility for verifying and removing users from ownCloud that are no longer active in LDAP or AD.

Improved and Open-Sourced Provisioning API

Remote management of ownCloud users is enabled with the Provisioning API. Previously limited to the Enterprise edition, it is now open source and available to the community.


Users can now assign a favorite icon to files and folders. Look for improvements in this feature in future ownCloud editions to make finding and managing files even easier.

Improved Server-to-Server Sharing

Server-to-Server Sharing, introduced in ownCloud 7, allows you to mount file shares from remote ownCloud servers, and create a “cloud of ownClouds”. In ownCloud 8 the process for creating a new Server-to-Server link is easier and more streamlined.

Web Interface Enhancements

The ownCloud Web interface has been improved to make it easier for all users to access, edit, sync and share their files.

Download Broker Improves Performance

When ownCloud delivers universal file access to end users, files from many different document sources are aggregated into a single interface and served to end users. In some cases, passing all of the files aggregated in this interface through a single server, ownCloud, slows down data access. ownCloud now supports direct downloads of files from select storage back-ends, reducing the load on the ownCloud server without sacrificing control over the files that are stored in the various back end systems.

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