The following changes went into ownCloud 8:

Breaking changes



Deprecations on interfaces also affect the implementing classes!


Deprecations of constants and methods with namespaces!

  • The following methods have been moved into the OCP\Template::<method> class instead of being namespaced directly, Removal planned in 9.0:
  • OCP\image_path
  • OCP\mimetype_icon
  • OCP\preview_icon
  • OCP\publicPreview_icon
  • OCP\human_file_size
  • OCP\relative_modified_date
  • OCP\html_select_options
  • OCP\simple_file_size has been deprecated in favour of OCP\Template::human_file_size. Removal planned in 9.0
  • The OCP\PERMISSION_<permission> and OCP\FILENAME_INVALID_CHARS have been moved to OCP\Constants::<old name>. Removal planned in 9.0
  • The OC_GROUP_BACKEND_<method> and OC_USER_BACKEND_<method> have been moved to OC_Group_Backend::<method> and OC_User_Backend::<method> respectively. Removal planned in 9.0


  • The info.xml file in appinfo/info.xml now supports library, command, php and database dependencies that are checked before app installation
  • Various other tags for info.xml have been added that are related to the app store
  • Routes received the defaults parameter to set route variable defaults when not given
  • Routes received the postfix parameter to allow multiple urls pointing at the same resource
  • Menu buttons can now be added easily for navigation entries
  • OCP\AppFramework\DataResponse can now be used to wrap data and set Http error codes when using responders
  • Navigation entry undo and edit styles have been added
  • OCP\AppFramework\HttpResponse now supports setting cookies
  • A container is now optional
  • The container can now automatically resolve and build classes based on type hints and variable naming conventions
  • Routes can now be returned as an array in appinfo/routes.php if the <namespace> tag is set in appinfo/info.xml. The container must either be omitted or available under appinfo/application.php and named OCA\YourApp\YourNamespace\AppInfo\Application
  • vendor_script and vendor_style template functions have been added to load styles and scripts from your vendor folder
  • The documentation now features an app tutorial
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