The JavaScript files reside in the js/ folder and should be included in the template:

// add one file
script('myapp', 'script');  // adds js/script.js

// add multiple files in the same app
script('myapp', array('script', 'navigation'));  //  adds js/script.js js/navigation.js

// add vendor files (also allows the array syntax)
vendor_script('myapp', 'script');  //  adds vendor/script.js

The recommended JavaScript framework to use is AngularJS. A nice tutorial screencast collection can be found on

Sending the CSRF token

If any other JavaScript request library than jQuery is being used, the requests need to send the CSRF token as an HTTP header named requesttoken. The token is available in the global variable oc_requesttoken.

For AngularJS the following lines would need to be added:

var app = angular.module('MyApp', []).config(['$httpProvider', function($httpProvider) {
    $httpProvider.defaults.headers.common.requesttoken = oc_requesttoken;

Generating URLs

To send requests to ownCloud the base URL where ownCloud is currently running is needed. To get the base URL use:

var baseUrl = OC.generateUrl('');

Full URLs can be generated by using:

var authorUrl = OC.generateUrl('/apps/myapp/authors/1');
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