ownCloud Test Pilots

The ownCloud Test Pilots help to test and improve different server and client setups with ownCloud.

Why do you want to join

There are many different setups and people have different interests. If we want ownCloud to run well on NginX for instance someone has to test this configuration.

Furthermore, during bug fixing the ownCloud developers often do not have the possibility to reproduce the bug in a given environment nor they are able confirm that it was fixed. As a member of the Test Pilot Team you could act as a contact person for a specific area to help developers fix the bugs you care about. Testing ownCloud before it is released is the best way of making sure it does what you need it to!

Another benefit is a closer relationship to the developers: You know what people are responsible for which parts and it is easier to get help.

If you want you will be listed as an active contributor on the owncloud.org page.

Who can join

Anyone who is interested in improving the quality on his/her setup and is willing to communicate with developers and other testers.

How do you join

Simply register on the testpilot mailing list and send an introduction of your personal setup and interests to testpilots@owncloud.org

You can also join the #owncloud-testing channel on irc.freenode.net but keep in mind that we may take longer to answer ;)

For further questions or help you can also send a mail to:

What do you do

You will receive mails from the mailinglist and also from the bug tracker if developers need your help. Also there will be announcements of new releases and preview releases on the mailing list which give you the possibility to test releases early on and help developers to fix them.

We are looking forward to working with you :)

How do you test

Testing follows these steps:

  • Set up your testing environment
  • Pick something to test
  • Test it
  • Back to 2 until something unexpected/bad happens
  • Check if what you found is really a bug
  • File the bug

Installing ownCloud

Testing starts with setting up a testing environment. We urge you to not put your production data on testing releases unless you have a backup somewhere!

Start by installing ownCloud, either on real hardware or in a VM.

You can find instructions for installation in the admin documentation.

Please note that we are still working on the documentation and if you bump into a problem, you can help us fix it. Small things can be edited straight on github.

The Real Testing

Testing is a matter of trying out some scenarios you decide or were asked to test, for example, sharing a folder and mounting it on another ownCloud instance. If it works – awesome, move on. If it doesn’t, find out as much as you can about why it doesn’t and use that for a bug report.

This is the stage where you should see if your issue is already reported by checking the issue tracker. It might even be fixed, sometimes! It can also be fruitful to contact the developers on irc. Tell them you’re testing ownCloud and share what problem you bumped into. Or just ask on the test-pilots mailing list.

Finally, if the issue you bump into is a clear bug and the developers are not aware of it, file it as a new issue. See Bugtracker

All documentation licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.