Configuring Federated Cloud Sharing

In ownCloud 7 this was called Server-to-Server sharing. Now it is called Federated Cloud sharing. With just a few clicks you can easily and securely link file shares between ownCloud servers, in effect creating a cloud of ownClouds. You can automatically send an email notification when you create the share, share directly with users on other ownCloud servers, add password protection, allow users to upload files, and set an expiration date.


Currently, Federated shares cannot be re-shared, and the only permissions option when you create the share is Can edit.

Sharing With ownCloud 7

Direct share links (Creating a Direct Share Link) are not supported in ownCloud 7, so you must create Federated Cloud shares with public links (Creating Federated Cloud Shares via Public Link Share).

Configuration Tips

The Sharing section on your Admin page allows you to control how your users manage federated cloud shares:

  • Check Enforce password protection to require passwords on link shares.
  • Check Set default expiration date to require an expiration date on link shares.
  • Check Allow public uploads to allow two-way file sharing.

Your Apache Web server must have mod_rewrite enabled, and you must have trusted_domains correctly configured in config.php to allow external connections (see Installation Wizard). Consider also enabling SSL to encrypt all traffic between your servers .

Your ownCloud server creates the share link from the URL that you used to log into the server, so make sure that you log into your server using a URL that is accessible to your users. For example, if you log in via its LAN IP address, such as, then your share URL will be something like, which is not accessible outside of your LAN. This also applies to using the server name; for access outside of your LAN you need to use a fully-qualified domain name such as, rather than http://myserver.

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