Supported ownCloud Enterprise Edition AppsΒΆ

See Installing and Managing Apps for instructions on managing ownCloud apps.

These applications are supported in ownCloud Enterprise Edition. The first name on each line is the name of the application as it appears on the Apps page in your ownCloud Web GUI, and the name in parentheses is the filename as it appears in your owncloud/apps directory.

Activity (activity)

Antivirus app for files (files_antivirus)

Deleted Files (files_trashbin)

Encryption (encryption)

Enterprise License Key (enterprise_key)

External Storage Support (files_external)

External user support (user_external)

Files (files)

File Firewall (firewall)

File Locking (files_locking)

File Shared access logging app (files_sharing_log)

First Run Wizard (firstrunwizard)

LDAP Home Connector (files_ldap_home)

LDAP user and group backend (user_ldap)

Log audit info (admin_audit)

Mail Template Editor (templateeditor)

Provisioning API (provisioning_api)

Share Files (files_sharing)

SharePoint (sharepoint)

Shibboleth user backend (user_shibboleth)

Text Editor (files_texteditor)

Versions (files_versions)

User backend using remote HTTP servers (user_webdavauth)

Windows Network Drive (windows_network_drive)


3rd party and unsupported apps must be disabled before performing a system upgrade. Then install the upgraded versions, and after the upgrade is complete re-enable them.

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