Enterprise Logging AppsΒΆ

There are two enterprise logging apps available to ownCloud Enterprise edition customers: Log file sharing and Log user actions. The Log file sharing app records the file sharing activity of your users, and Log user actions records user logins and logouts.

The two enterprise logging apps on the Apps page.

These two apps work together, and should be enabled together. Your logging level must be set to at least Info, warnings, errors, and fatal issues on your ownCloud admin page, or 'loglevel' => 1 in config.php.

View your logfiles on your admin page. This shows which logging app recorded the entries, timestamps, usernames, and their activities:

Graphical log example.

Click the Download logfile button to dump the plain text log, or open the logfile directly in a text editor. The default location is owncloud/data/owncloud.log. This is what the raw log looks like:

"message":"Rename \"\/molly\/files\/server-and-enterprise-installation\" to
\"\/molly\/files\/shared\/server-and-enterprise-installation\" by user molly,
owner: molly","level":1,"time":"2015-10-21T22:07:14+00:00"}
"message":"Rename \"\/molly\/files\/shared\/San%20Francisco.jpg\" to
\"\/molly\/files\/shared\/SanFrancisco.jpg\" by user molly, owner:

See Logging Configuration for more information on logging.

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