What’s New for Admins in ownCloud 8.1

New Packaging

We are introducing a new packaging system (starting in ownCloud 8.0). Instead of two editions, Community and Enterprise, we now offer Server to replace the old Community edition, and Enterprise Subscription replaces the old Enterprise Edition.

Server includes core file share and synchronization features plus community apps, and is community-supported and free of cost. See owncloud.org for current information and links to downloads.

ownCloud now offers two levels of paid support:

  • ownCloud Standard
  • ownCloud Enterprise

The ownCloud Standard Subscription is for customers who want paid support for the core Server, and do not need Enterprise apps. This includes:

  • ownCloud Server
  • ownCloud desktop and mobile apps (without the custom branding build service)
  • ownCloud open-source apps licensed as AGPL (Share Files, Federated Cloud, Versions, Deleted files, LDAP/AD, Antivirus, Encryption, External Storage. etc.), 8x5 support hours

Note: This does not include support for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Chat, Documents, or any other community-only apps, and it does not include support for Enterprise-only apps or services.

The ownCloud Enterprise Subscription replaces the Enterprise Edition. This includes the core Server plus Enterprise apps. The Enterprise Subscription includes:

  • ownCloud Standard Subscription
  • ownCloud Enterprise apps (Logging modules, SAML, File Firewall, Sharepoint, Windows Network Drive, Home Directory Mounts, etc)
  • ownBrander for mobile app branding
  • ownCloud Commercial License for closed-source customizations
  • Up to 24x7 support
  • Deployment assistance for the rollout

New customers, or customers upgrading from the old Enterprise Edition will install ownCloud 8 from the existing owncloud-enterprise repository. The owncloud-server dependency will be pulled in automatically. Customers using the community edition will upgrade via package manager by adding the owncloud-enterprise repository, and installing ownCloud Enterprise Edition apps on top of their owncloud-server.

Visit owncloud.com for more information on the Enterprise Subscription.

Improvements and New Features

ownCloud Server and Enterprise Subscription 8.1 are shipping with a batch of improvements and new features, including:

  • Auto-completion of usernames in file share dialogs
  • Improved performance, with faster file transfers, much faster file deletion, improved scalability through improved handling of parallel requests, and up to 50% more users on each ownCloud server instance.
  • Better file locking
  • Updated encryption with support for multiple encryption backends and migration tools for 8.0 -> 8.1
  • Improved LDAP configuration wizard
  • WebDAV performance enhancements
  • SFTP external storage with SSH keys
  • SMB external storage is now based on libsmbclient
  • Individual settings per external storage mount, including encryption and previews
  • Improved performance and better storage space management of preview generation
  • UI improvements for configuring external storage
  • The ownCloud Appstore shows now different trust levels, and allows enabling experimental apps
  • Deleted files & folders now keep the share info after restoring from trashbin (local shares only and not external storage)
  • Many more links from the administration UI to the relevant documentation
  • occ command updated to allow installing ownCloud completely from the command line
  • User avatars are displayed in share dialogs
  • Font preview, 3D pictures media type (previewed as JPEG) and raw media type support without previews
  • A new simple example theme is included
  • All shares now have at least read permissions, which prevents unpredictable server behavior
  • Support for shortened URLs
  • Users may not remove share expiration dates when the admin settings require them
  • Auto complete in share dialog works again when sharing is limited to groups
  • Developer changelog is available in the Developer’s Manual
  • File IDs are now persistent when moving files across storages, deleted to trashbin or restored as version
  • Ship ca-bundle.crt to work around issues on systems that experience failed connections to the Appstore
  • Introduce new “OC-ETag” header fixing issues with server configs stripping off ETags “No E-Tag received from server”
All documentation licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.