What’s New for Admins in ownCloud 8.2

See the ownCloud 8.2 Features page on Github for a comprehensive list of new features and updates.

Some of the improvements of interest to ownCloud admins are:

  • New ownCloud package repositories (admins must manually change to these, see How to Upgrade Your ownCloud Server)
  • Configurable temporary directory
  • Many new occ commands for logging, encryption, and apps
  • Unavailable external storages are not rechecked every request; rather, their failed state is saved and they are tried again after 10 minutes
  • External storages now support modular authentication mechanisms
  • Transactional file locking prevents data corruption and race conditions on concurrent access
  • Files app new sidebar shows details about files
  • Admins can define custom mimetype mappings and aliases
  • Mimetypes in the database can be updated when changed
  • Downgrades are prevented because they are unsupported
  • Admin page warning for EOL PHP version
  • Show apps that will be updated on the DB update page
  • New optional second name attribute in the LDAP app, so that user names appear as User Foo (optional 2nd attribute) (Directory Settings)

There are many security enhancements, including:

  • $.get and $.post cannot be used to execute remote JavaScript
  • Referers are not sent anymore to prevent leaking of potential sensitive information within the URL such as the filename
  • Autoloader will only allow loading files from enabled apps
  • Encrypt session data to ensure that sensitive data such as remote storage passwords or encryption keys are not written on disk
  • If the shareAPI is disabled link shares no longer work
All documentation licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.