Configuring the Activity App

You can configure your ownCloud server to automatically send out e-mail notifications to your users for various events like:

  • A file or folder has been shared
  • A new file or folder has been created
  • A file or folder has been changed
  • A file or folder has been deleted

Users can see actions (delete, add, modify) that happen to files they have access to. Sharing actions are only visible to the sharer and sharee.

Enabling the Activity App

The Activity App is shipped and enabled by default. If it is not enabled simply go to your ownCloud Apps page to enable it.

Configuring your ownCloud for the Activity App

To configure your ownCloud to send out e-mail notifications a working Email Configuration is mandatory.

Furthermore it is recommended to configure the background job Webcron or Cron as described in Background Jobs.

There is also a configuration option activity_expire_days available in your config.php (See Config.php Parameters) which allows you to clean-up older activies from the database.

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