Installing & Upgrading ownCloud Enterprise Edition

The recommended method for installing and maintaining your ownCloud Enterprise edition is with your Linux package manager. Configure your package manager to use the ownCloud Enterprise repository, import the signing key, and then install and update ownCloud packages like any other software package. Please refer to the README - ownCloud Package Installation.txt document in your account at account for instructions on setting up your Linux package manager.

After you have completed your initial installation of ownCloud as detailed in the README, follow the instructions in Installation Wizard to finish setting up ownCloud.

To upgrade your Enterprise server, refer to How to Upgrade Your ownCloud Server.

Manual Installation

Download the ownCloud archive from your account at, then follow the instructions at Manual Installation on Linux.


Linux distributions that use SELinux need to take some extra steps so that ownCloud will operate correctly under SELinux. Please see SELinux Configuration for some recommended configurations.

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