Create an app

After you’ve set up the development environment and installed the dev tool change into the ownCloud apps directory:

cd /var/www/owncloud/apps

Then run:

ocdev startapp MyApp --email --author "Your Name" --description "My first app" --owncloud 8

This will create all the needed files in the current directory. For more information on how to customize the generated app, see the Project’s GitHub page or run:

ocdev startapp -h

Enable the app

The app can now be enabled on the ownCloud apps page

App architecture

The following directories have now been created:

  • appinfo/: Contains app metadata and configuration
  • controller/: Contains the controllers
  • css/: Contains the CSS
  • js/: Contains the JavaScript files
  • templates/: Contains the templates
  • tests/: Contains the tests
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