Using the Calendar AppΒΆ

The Calendar application is not officially supported and is not enabled by default, in ownCloud 9.1. If you attempt to enable it, you will see the following error:

Error message when attempting to enable the default calendar application.

To enable it, you first need to enable the Marketplace. To do so, add the following line to config/config.php. This setting connects your ownCloud instance with the ownCloud Marketplace.

'appstoreurl' => '',

After saving the changes, reload the ownCloud UI and enable the Calendar application.


In case you are sitting behind a firewall and cannot reach the marketplace (or if you prefer to install applications manually) you can install the Calendar app by:
  • Downloading the package from the Marketplace
  • Unpacking the tarball into the apps folder
  • Enable the Calendar app, available under disabled apps.


Please also check that you disable and uninstall existing apps from the old app store before you installing and enabling the newer versions from the marketplace. If you do not, attempting to uninstall them displays the “app directory already exists” error message.

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