Development Environment

Please follow the steps on this page to set up your development environment.

Basic Tools

To be able to develop with ownCloud and also run unit tests, you will need to install Node.js.

Other required tools will be automatically installed by composer.

Set Up Web Server And Database

First set up your Web server and database (Section: Manual Installation - Prerequisites).

Get The Source

There are two ways to obtain ownCloud sources:

  • Using the development version from GitHub which will be explained below.

To check out the source from GitHub you will need to install git (see Setting up git from the GitHub help)

Gather Information About Server Setup

To get started the basic git repositories need to cloned into the Web server’s directory. Depending on the distribution this will either be

  • /var/www
  • /var/www/html
  • /srv/http

Then identify the user and group the Web server is running as and the Apache user and group for the chown command will either be

  • http
  • www-data
  • apache
  • wwwrun

Check Out The Code

The following commands are using /var/www as the Web server’s directory and www-data as user name and group.

Make the directory writable:

sudo chmod o+rw /var/www

Then install ownCloud from git:

git clone

Run make to pull in dependencies:

cd /var/www/core

where <folder> is the folder where you want to install ownCloud.

Adjust rights:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/core/data/
sudo chmod o-rw /var/www

Finally restart the Web server (this might vary depending on your distribution):

sudo systemctl restart httpd.service


sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

After the clone Open http://localhost/core (or the corresponding URL) in your web browser to set up your instance.

Command-Line Automation

If you’re keen to save as much time and effort as possible then take advantage of the automation available in the most recent version of ownCloud, via Make.

Below are the available commands, including the target name and a short description of what each of them does.

Target Description
make Pulls in both Composer and Bower dependencies
make clean Cleans up dependencies. This is useful for starting over or when switching to older branches
make dist Builds a minimal owncloud-core tarball with only core apps in build/dist/core, stripped of unwanted files
make docs Builds the JavaScript documentation using JSDoc
make test Runs all of the test targets
make test-external Runs one of the external storage tests, and is configurable through make variables
make test-js Runs the Javascript unit tests, replacing ./
make test-php Runs the PHPUnit tests with SQLite as the datasource. This replaces ./ sqlite and is configurable through make variables

Enabling Debug Mode


Do not enable this for production! This can create security problems and is only meant for debugging and development!

To disable JavaScript and CSS caching debugging has to be enabled by setting debug to true in core/config/config.php:

$CONFIG = array (
    'debug' => true,
    ... configuration goes here ...
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